Agriculture Equipment:

Agriculture Equipment helps in most important stages while farming,  spraying & irrigating. Agriculture Equipment Technology has evolved a great deal in all fields. Agriculture is one of the most important aspects of human life, known to be a blue collar job. New Agriculture Equipment has been designed to ease the entire agricultural process. Lets discuss about the following Agriculture Equipments:


Plants need care where they are constantly watered, monitored and treated with different chemicals. New Sprayers in place are very Quick, Efficient and needs very little Man Power. There are different types of Sprayer Monitors, Controls and Guidance Systems. The Controller doesn’t do much moving! For countries with extremely low temperatures, anti-icing and de-icing liquids are to be sprayed.

Agriculture Equipment , Agricultural Sprayers, Future agriculture equipment , Harvesting , Irrigation , Agriculture Equipments and their uses
Agricultural Sprayers

Sprinkler Systems

We cannot rely on Rain totally, a more constant supply of water is needed. Sprinkler Systems are the most effective agriculture equipment is the underground sprinkler system. They uses an online system planner that will give sufficient water for different plants or soils. Sandy soil absorbs water more quickly than clay soils, so different amounts of water are required to achieve quality produces.

Sprinkler Systems, Agriculture Equipment list, Agriculture Equipment name, Types of agriculture
Sprinkler Systems

Power Sprayers

Power sprayers concentrate on pressure to spray pesticides on plants. For areas that are small, good accuracy and hassle- free spray of pesticides on plants is highly expected.

Power Sprayers, Agricultural Commodities, List of agricultural machinery, Agricultural Machines & Equipment
Power Sprayers

Drip Irrigation System

Drip Irrigation System is an agriculture equipment with low pressure and low volume irrigation system that includes dripping spraying and streams methods to irrigate landscapes. It is required especially for roots which it will keep moist and not soaked with water; it’s advisable to place the system on top of soil or mulch and even sometimes under mulch as long as the dripping holes on top in order to avoid clogging.

Drip Irrigation Systems, Farm equipment, Farm & Agricultural Equipment, Agriculture & Farming Equipment,
Drip Irrigation Systems


Thresher is an agriculture equipment that separates the wheat stalk from the grain. This equipment deals with small grain plants such as wheat, oats, rye. The thresher makes our work much easier and reduces the time. Since time is everything lately, it is advisable to use less time consuming techniques.

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A Destoner is used by rice farmers. Harvesting of grains is mixed with stones which has to be separated before it reaches the final consumer. Hence, Destoner is used to separate the stones from the actual rice grains. Destoner reduce the man power and the total time taken to achieve the work to be done.

Destoner, modern harvesting machine, Innovative Equipment for Farming, amazing agriculture technology

Post Hole Diggers

Post Hole Diggers are a kind of agriculture equipment used for soils that are hard to dig. Seeds are put into those holes to germinate during farming. The new Post Hole Diggers are designed like tractors. The operator can sit and dig the hole. For unstable soils, the digger holds firmly to avoid any accidents.

Post Hole Digger, new modern agriculture equipment machine, new farming technology, agriculture using modern machines, new modern agriculture equipment 2016
Post Hole Digger

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